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Business the Bill Gates Way

Title: Business the Bill Gates Way
Category: Biography
Clicks: 12
Listing added: Feb 20, 2009
Gates is a 20th century phenomenon: the greatest of the cyber-tycoons. His is not simply a story of technical brilliance and enormous wealth, it is one of remarkable business vision and an obsessive desire to win. It is also about a leadership style that is radically different to anything the business world has seen before. How does he do it? Business the Bill Gates Way not only reveals the secrets of Gates' remarkable success but also draws out the universal lessons and identifies strategies that can be applied to any business or career. From hiring very smart people to loving what you make, and from crushing your competitors to never, ever, ever taking your eye off the ball, you have in your hands the secret of phenomenal success. This is the first in a series that shows how the "big shots" of the business world have attained their positions in which they control huge empires and command vast personal fortunes. The book reveals the secrets, deals, schemes and dreams of these, the world's fiercest business competitors.
Author: Dearlove, Des
Publisher: Capstone Publishing
Price: $8.25

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