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Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

Title: Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Category: Computers & Internet
Clicks: 28
Listing added: Feb 21, 2009
For Windows and Macintosh.
With Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia, millions of Photoshop users may be installing Flash for the first time and Flash CS3 Professional for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide is there to show them what to do. From basic first steps, such as exploring the drawing tools, including Flash CS3's new Pen tool, to frame-by-frame animation, motion tweening, and shape tweening, this book serves as the beginner's guide to Flash. But it doesn’t stop there: sections on interactivity, sound, and video have been fully updated to demonstrate best practices in ActionScript 3.0, as well as the latest in Flash's video technology.
Author: Ulrich, Katherine
Publisher: Pearson Education
Price: $23.99

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