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Looking for flexible work that fits around school or work hours? Here are five great ways to make money from home.
Price: Free
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Need to learn HTML fast? This best-selling reference's visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have you up and running with HTML in no time. In this completely updated edition of our best-selling guide to HTML, Web expert and best-selling author Elizabeth Castro uses crystal-clear instructions and friendly prose to introduce you to all of today's HTML and XHTML essentials. You’ll learn how to design, structure, and format your Web site. You'll create and use images, links, styles, lists, tables, frames, and forms, and you'll add sound and movies to your site. Finally, you will test and debug your site, and publish it to the Web. Along the way, you'll find extensive coverage of CSS techniques, current browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox), creating pages for the mobile Web, and more.
Visual QuickStart Guide--the quick and easy way to learn!
Easy visual approach uses pictures to guide you through HTML and show you what to do.
Concise steps and explanations get you up and running in no time.
Page for page, the best content and value around.
Price: $23.99
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Imagine delivering software releases "just in time" without wasteful stabilization cycles!Want to implement just in time delivery? If you said yes then this book will help you.
Price: Free
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Frustrated, Intimidated Or Overwhelmed By Photoshop?
"You Are About To Discover The Fastest Way To Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop (With Just 2 Hours Of Instantly Viewable Video Tutorials)"
Read this free report and learn about a totally unique step-by-step video training system, designed to make any newbie user totally competent with the basics of Photoshop in record time...
...Just 2 hours from now you'll be able to produce your own graphics quickly, easily and completely stress free!
Price: $97
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There are total of 101 hacks in this book that will help you build a strong foundation in Linux. All the hacks in this book are explained with appropriate Linux command examples that are easy to follow.
This free eBook contains 12 chapters with total of 140 pages. Hacks mentioned in 6 chapters are based on the articles that I’ve already posted on my blog. Hacks mentioned in rest of the 6 chapters are brand new.
Price: Free
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Master the Core of All Web Development?And Prepare for the Future Mastering HTML and XHTML is the most complete, up-to-date book on the core language of the Web. You'll learn everything you need to know about coding web pages in both HTML and XHTML, the latest, more powerful version of HTML. But it doesn't stop there. You also get practical instruction in complementary web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and Dynamic HTML, along with a Masters Reference that makes it easy to find the information you need. Tying it all together is the authors' expert guidance on planning, developing, and maintaining effective, accessible websites.
Price: $49.99
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This latest version of Photoshop has a few new tricks up its sleeve and Adobe Photoshop CS4 For Dummies will teach you how to use them. From the basics like getting your images into and out of Photoshop to enhancing, cropping, and color correction, it’s all here!
You’ll get all of the basics of digital images and master the importing and exporting of images. You’ll find out how to create easy enhancements like adding shadows and highlights and making color natural, in addition to learning how to use the Adobe camera raw plug-in. Before you know it, you’ll be making beautiful “art” with Photoshop by combining images, precision edges, dressing up images, painting in Photoshop, and using filters. You can even streamline your work in Photoshop using advanced techniques.
Price: $29.99
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Make Money With Expired Domains.
“Finally! Underground Marketer Reveals The True ‘Secrets’ To Make Up To $5,000 A Month Almost Effortlessly!”
You’re About To Enter An Elite Club Of Online Moneymakers Who Consistently Rake In Amazing Amounts Of Cash Daily.
Price: $97
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Taking photographs is the easy bit, making lots of sales is the hard bit. This eBook will guide you through promoting your stock image profiles to maximise web presence and the chance of sales.
Price: Free
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Learn Php In 17 Hours.
Spice up Your Site With Simple PHP
If you can copy and paste into HTML and you can follow simple instructions...
You Can Learn Interactive PHP!
This incredible book by Robert Plank takes you step by step.
Price: $39.95
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