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At 24, educated, middle class, Amelia lives a safe life – working a respectable with a secure income to finance her modest needs.
She yearns for more & uses the internet to discover someone who can challenge her in the & out of the bedroom & will test the essence of her sexual & moral limitations.
Price: $2.99
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Eva Gaylord takes the twelve dancing princesses (Twelve Horny Princesses), Hanzel and Gretel (Honzel and Grottel) and Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Hottie Hood) on erotic adventures through her sexy mind! Join these characters through their sexual adventures that won't leave a dry seat!
Price: $0.99
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Jasmine, a young black woman, has experienced a recent heartbreak.
Cole, a young disabled white man, is "forbidden" to love a black woman.
Read along while Jasmine & Cole both tell you their versions of how they overcame their obstacles & fell in love.
Price: $5.99
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