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Why buy golf clubs when you can build your own.
Price: $49.95
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Improving your golf scores can be as simple as finding a way to anticipate successful ball tracks in golf putting in order to hole more breaking putts. In this free ebook you have my video, my articles and some other stuff I wrote about this subject. My objective is to let you hole more putts and get lower scores and, as far as I know, no one has ever addressed this subject the way I do. Check the results for yourself.
Price: Free
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Despite investing considerable time, effort, and money, most golfers remain frustrated by their lack of progress toward a consistent swing. In A Swing You Can Trust, Roberto Borgatti, an acclaimed teaching professional whose method has gained acceptance among amateurs and professionals alike, offers a breakthrough approach for achieving confident, low-scoring play.
Borgatti's method helps you acquire trust in your swing and overall game, the same trust that ultimately leads to reliable technique and consistently better scoring. Unlike faddish quick-fix approaches, Borgatti's training program gives players the tools they need to build a strong game from the ground up, a game they can replicate week after week.
Borgatti's program is revolutionary because it efficiently enables players to learn the long-accepted fundamentals of the golf swing. Step-by-step instructions, illustrated with full-color photographs, offer a user-friendly map to mastering the essentials, including everything from the core four fundamentals of a powerful swing to absolute precision on and around the green.
Like a private lesson from Roberto himself, A Swing You Can Trust takes into account the individual player's physical traits: body geometry, flexibility, and strength. It offers exercises to do without holding a golf club -- at home, at the gym, or wherever -- to groove a swing; shows you the most effective warm-up/preparation routines to use before a round; and provides fitness training plans as well as instruction in state-of-the-art swing-analysis technology -- all of which readers can use to take their games to the next level and beyond. This focused, practical system for training and playing will help everyone -- beginner or professional, man or woman -- to be the best golfer they can be.
Price: $29.00
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Through historical research and precise artwork, the legendary team of Robert Muir Graves and Geoffrey Cornish search their vast experience and design talents to provide coverage of classic holes, their components, and their replicas. Classic Golf Hole Design presents unique golf holes along with real-world examples of how designers have adapted them to other courses around the world. Descriptions and illustrations of each hole bring to life the technical science and aesthetic craft of adaptation. Addressing the hole's basic design and its impact on the golfer's game, golf holes are described with the designer in mind.
Graves and Cornish enrich their expert research and presentation with surefooted methods and strategies for linking classic golf hole adaptations into a circuit of eighteen holes to show how a course is formed. The book explores a multitude of courses, hundreds of golf holes, and countless features found on links that have withstood the test of time.
Price: $85.00
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How golfer Phil Mickelson has endured countless disappointments to become one of the most successful and popular players on the Tour
Phil Mickelson was long known as the ''best golfer on the tour never to have won a major.'' But he endured, and in 2004 he finally claimed victory at one of the majors, jumping for joy as he sunk his winning 18-foot birdie putt at the Masters. Now, in this inspiring book, David Magee reveals the secret of Phil Mickelson’s success–his ability to endure, mature, and come back a winner. Tracing Mickelson’s golfing career from his youth (he shot a 144 when he was three-and-a-half) to his Masters victory and beyond, Magee shows how at every stage of his career Phil’s endurance was key to his development as a golfer. Whether endurance means managing the high expectations of others, carrying on under the shadow of more successful colleagues (like Tiger Woods), dealing with narrow defeats, or enduring tough times, Endurance shows how anyone can stay the course and achieve success in sports and life. For golfers, fans of Phil Mickelson, and anyone who’s ever endured a setback, this book is a must-read.
Price: $22.95
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Paid To Golf Reveals How To Play Free Golf And Get Paid To Play.
Price: $45.99
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The bestselling golf primer–nearly 750,000 copies sold in previous editions–now revised with 20 percent new and updated content
There are 26.2 million golfers in the U.S., but despite the recent proliferation of high-performance balls, drivers, and putters, the average golf score remains at about 100, the same as it has for years. With his matchless teaching skills and great sense of humor, Gary McCord has helped countless new golfers and old duffers beat this trend and shave strokes off their games. Illustrated throughout with instructional photos, Golf For Dummies is packed with tips, tricks, and techniques to help people master golf basics, correct faults, and boost distance and accuracy. And now his bestselling guide is even better.
Price: $21.99
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"Discover the Key that Unlocks Your Mind & Dissolves Nerves & Anger from Your Game, Gives You the Formula for Winning more Bets and Tournaments & Provides an Inner Calm no Matter How Much Pressure is on... "
Once you hold this key you'll wonder how you ever played without it!
Price: $77
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GOLF PUTTING LINES is an e-book about ball tracks of breaking putts. See why fine technique and equipment’s excellence are
irrelevant for those who can’t predict the line of the next putt. Several examples and tips that will improve your putting
performance and your golf scores. Video included.
Price: $24
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Insight for living life like a champ, based onwhat drives the most dominant athlete of the modern era--Tiger Woods. How Tiger Does It gives you the secrets to living life to the fullest—the Tiger way. Using intimate interviews with Tiger’s contemporaries and examples from his professional and personal life, Brad Kearns analyzes the mental drive behind Tiger’s success to reveal the heart and mind of a great champion. With emphasis on the three Tiger Woods’ Success Factors, the book shows you how to apply Tiger traits to your everyday challenges, from building a career to raising a family and much more.
Price: $19.95
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