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Endurance: Winning Life's Majors the Phil Mickelson Way

Title: Endurance: Winning Life's Majors the Phil Mickelson Way
Category: Golf
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Listing added: Mar 15, 2009
How golfer Phil Mickelson has endured countless disappointments to become one of the most successful and popular players on the Tour
Phil Mickelson was long known as the ''best golfer on the tour never to have won a major.'' But he endured, and in 2004 he finally claimed victory at one of the majors, jumping for joy as he sunk his winning 18-foot birdie putt at the Masters. Now, in this inspiring book, David Magee reveals the secret of Phil Mickelson’s success–his ability to endure, mature, and come back a winner. Tracing Mickelson’s golfing career from his youth (he shot a 144 when he was three-and-a-half) to his Masters victory and beyond, Magee shows how at every stage of his career Phil’s endurance was key to his development as a golfer. Whether endurance means managing the high expectations of others, carrying on under the shadow of more successful colleagues (like Tiger Woods), dealing with narrow defeats, or enduring tough times, Endurance shows how anyone can stay the course and achieve success in sports and life. For golfers, fans of Phil Mickelson, and anyone who’s ever endured a setback, this book is a must-read.
Author: Magee, David
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Price: $22.95

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