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How Tiger Does It

Title: How Tiger Does It
Category: Golf
Clicks: 7
Listing added: Feb 20, 2009
Insight for living life like a champ, based onwhat drives the most dominant athlete of the modern era--Tiger Woods. How Tiger Does It gives you the secrets to living life to the fullest—the Tiger way. Using intimate interviews with Tiger’s contemporaries and examples from his professional and personal life, Brad Kearns analyzes the mental drive behind Tiger’s success to reveal the heart and mind of a great champion. With emphasis on the three Tiger Woods’ Success Factors, the book shows you how to apply Tiger traits to your everyday challenges, from building a career to raising a family and much more.
Author: Kearns, Brad
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Price: $19.95

Rating: 10.00/10 (1 vote cast) 

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