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"How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros!" has quickly become one of the best selling books on the Internet because it is written and designed for those of us who actually have to do something else than golf to make a living. This is not a simple collection of golf tips, golf lessons or golf instruction...it is your personal guide to lower scores.
Price: $37
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If you’d like to have a practical guide with lots of drills and tests selected to help with the basics of golf putting try this one. Reviewing the building blocks of golf putting technique is never a waste of time for anyone. It's being offered 100% free when you buy Golf Putting Lines. Temp offer.
Price: $8
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Destroy your golf slice in a matter of minutes using this revolutionary new system! What’s the secret to curing a golf slice when nothing up to this point has worked for you?
"The Dave Way" is a simple, concise, step-by-step method to Curing a Golf Slice within Minutes! If a Slice has been killing your Golf scores, then "The Dave Way" (in combination with ONE visit to the range) is going to obliterate, cure, and fix your Slice! We Guarantee it! There is NO Easier Way to shoot LOWER SCORES Faster!
Price: $47
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Ever since his astonishing victory in the 1991 PGA Championship, John Daly, known affectionately on the PGA Tour as "Big 'Un," has enthralled fans with his big drives, bigger personality, and "Grip It and Rip It" approach to golf -- and to life. Long John, usually seen with a Marlboro Light dangling from his lip, is the unchained, unpredictable, unapologetic bad boy of professional golf. "The only rules I follow," JD likes to say, "are the Rules of Golf." Daly's play-it-as-it-lays approach drives My Life in and out of the Rough, a thrillingly -- and sometimes shockingly -- candid memoir of a larger-than-life athlete battling assorted addictions (alcohol, gambling, chocolate, sex), his weight, and, perhaps worst of all, divorce lawyers. (He's been married four times.) A two-time major winner before he turned thirty, John Daly is one of the most popular athletes in the world. Taking readers with him off the fairway and into his $1.5-million motor home for a rollicking ride through his life -- an ever-churning world of booze, burgers, casinos, country music, and breathtaking moonshots -- Daly reveals how a down-home Everyman from Arkansas managed to rise to the peak of the golf world, escape from the depths of abject depression, and, finally, take control of his life. Well, sort of.
Price: $10.95
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"Now save $25 on the eBook guaranteed to help add distance to your drives, lower your handicap and have you playing the best golf of your life in just two short weeks."
-Head Teaching Professional Bobby Eldridge
Price: $47
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Tour Pro Reveals Easiest Way To Lower Scores. The Culmination Of Seven Years Work, This E-book Is Packed With Information, For Anyone Who Seriously Wants To Improve Their Golf Scores.
Play Golf? Want to WIN? “Then Learn to PUTT Like A Pro!”
Price: $77
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Book Uses a Mindset to Acheive a Better Golf Game!
A Perfect Blend of Ancient Wisdom and Cutting-Edge Science - Simplified Into a Program That Will Produce Results Your Very Next Round of Golf!
Price: $47
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The ultimate golf fantasy. Bob Andrews, the book's central character has just bought a new set of golf clubs and he expects big things to happen to his game! And big things do happen, but not what he expects!
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Price: Free
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PGA stars such as Jay Haas, Craig Stadler, Peter Jacobsen, and Darren Clarke have all sought advice from fellow pro Stan Utley about their putting, and have gone on to such immediate success on the green that Utley has become the most in-demand teacher in the game. Now, in The Art of Putting he outlines his unique approach to putting for golfers of all skill levels. In a welcome change from mechanistic and overly-complex putting “systems,” Utley breaks down the putting stroke to a simple, natural motion, revealing a straightforward method for learning this sure, repeatable stroke.
As he guides you through the fundamentals of the proper grip, posture, alignment, and swing, Utley will overhaul and improve your stroke by putting feel back into your game. This definitive book also provides:
• A complete primer on club design, with tips for finding the putter most in tune with the nuances of your swing
• A guide to the sensory aspects of a good putt, from grip pressure to impact response to the way a putt should sound
• Simple steps for reading greens accurately, every time
• Drills to commit your putting stroke to muscle memory and overcome the tics that can knock your putts off line
• Cures for the mental hurdles you’ll face on the short grass
Price: $25
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“The hottest instructor in golf” (Sports Illustrated) takes on old-school gurus with a far more accessible, intuitive, and innovative approach to those essential chip shots, pitches, and bunker rescues.
Veteran golfers know that the secret to a lower score.
Price: $25
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