Blog Commenting: Is it Worth Your Time?

The beauty of blog commenting is that you don't have to maintain your own
blog. Running a good blog is time consuming. So blog commenting gives you some
of the rewards of blogs without the amount of effort needed to establish,
maintain, and promote your own blog.

Looking around the internet you may see mixed reviews about blog commenting.
Mostly good reviews and experiences and some other articles that call blog commenting
spamming. The important thing to note is that blog commenting is only spamming if
your comment is unrelated to the blog post. If your commenting is related to the
blog post then it is helpful to the blog and you can get a great backlink with traffic
to your site fairly easily. Blog commenting is not new and has been around since
blogs. Blog commenting is used by very few ebook authors in comparison to other
ebook promotional methods but can be very effective.

A couple of weeks ago I posted one comment on a low PR site with a NoFollow
tag. Most blog commenter's would ignore commenting on this blog. But this is
what happened: That one blog comment was connected with many other blogs, rss
feeds, social medial sites (Facebook, and MySpace), article directories, and
other static websites. That one post showed up on a dozen of blogs, rss feeds,
regular static websites, and many social media sites including: Digg, and
Delicious. Many of these other sites did not have the NoFollow links. So one
good link can send lots of steady traffic and show up all over the web.
Basically one comment on a seemingly useless blog got me many quality backlinks
and provides steady traffic to one of my sites. This is very powerful and should
be enough reason to consider blog posting!

Trying to promote your ebook or any other product or website for that matter
in a blog is a little time consuming compared to some other forms of marketing.
I would like to argue that it is no more time consuming than exchanging links, writing
articles, or any other form of marketing. Blog commenting has its benefits with
very little downside. Here are some key points I would like you to consider:


  • There is not a more effective way to get backlinks from .edu and .gov websites
    than blog commenting. For this reason alone blog commenting is well worth your
    time. If you don't know .edu and .gov websites are the most powerful links you
    can get pointing to your site.

  • Blog commenting allows you to get backlinks to your site from very high
    pagerank and traffic websites. Traditional link exchanges very seldom if ever
    produce this advantage unless you pay for a link and for a high pagerank site
    it is very expensive.

  • Blogs still produce lots of traffic meaning a comment on a blog can send
    perfectly targeted traffic to your website. Certain high traffic niche blogs
    can send constant traffic to your website.

  • One blog post can be sent out to dozens or hundreds of like minded sites
    giving you a powerful multiplication effect. This includes social media
    sites that you may not consider using in your marketing strategy.


  • Blog commenting is not completely automated. But then again trying to completely
    automate any form of marketing is just a bad idea. This is not only true for
    blog commenting but any other form of marketing as well. There are blog commenting
    software tools which I will cover later but basically you have to find blogs
    that are in your niche, read the post, and then write a comment that is related
    to the post. Any other way of doing this will be considered Spam.

  • Many blogs have NOFOLLOW tags which means that your comments are ignored
    mostly by Google. At this time Yahoo and MSN still follow these tags to index
    your site. So a comment on a NOFOLLOW blog can still benefit your site. Not
    only with increased Yahoo and MSN rankings but also with direct traffic that
    is related to your site. So posting in a NOFOLLOW blog can still greatly benefit
    your site.

  • Many blogs do not allow commenting.

  • Some posts are old and that means the author of the blog may not longer
    regulate that post anymore. Therefore your comment that is waiting for approval
    to be listed, never gets see or listed.

In order to get streams of steady traffic to your website you need to utilize
all forms of effective marketing. If you are not blog commenting you are losing
out on valuable steady traffic and increased search engine strength. Compared to
writing articles or using social marketing channels only, blog commenting is less time consuming
but produces just a good of benefits. I am not suggesting to ignore article writing
or social marketing, I am suggesting to use all tools necessary to promote your
ebook. Blog commenting in comparison is much easier and once again there is no better
way to get .edu and .gov links.

Trying to manually find blogs in your niche is very time consuming and using
a manual approach is just not worth the time. By using blog commenting software
you can increase your presence, website strength in search, getting .gov and .edu
backlinks, and most importantly increased steady niche traffic related to your site
to buy or use your ebook. I have used, thoroughly tested, and researched all available
blog commenting software and have written my reviews under:
Blog Commenting Software (located on the left under: eBook Marketing Help).
If your not
using blog commenting software you are missing out on a very effective and powerful
marketing tool!