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Blog Commenting Software: Complete Software Review

We at eBook Freeway have downloaded, tested, and used every current blog commenting software available at this current time. We know what works, what is a waste of time, and all the ins and outs of blog commenting. Before you read our reviews about blog commenting software please read our article: Blog Commenting: Is it Worth Your Time. Blog commenting is a very effective form of marketing and works great for achieving .edu and .gov links! In addition to getting these links you can get steady constant traffic to your ebook download page as well. If you are not using blog commenting (and chances are you are not) then you are losing out on a powerful marketing tool. Since we use blog commenting weekly and for some time on several websites, we can attest that blog commenting is very effective. We also know which software works and what commenting software is just a waste of your time.

Effective blog commenting just takes time. You have to search for the blogs, sort according to your specifications, open the page, check to see if they allow posting, read the article, check for NoFollow and DoFollow tags, see how recent the post is, try and determine the worth of traffic, and then post your response in hopes that they list you. If you are lucky you can get 2 or 3 great links per day (just like a regular link exchange). The right software will save you tons of time and make your campaign more effective. We have tried commenting manually and I can tell you right now manual blog commenting is so time consuming it's not worth your time. By using the right software you can excel at blog posting and direct lots of steady traffic daily just from your previous blog posts. This in turn will send more search traffic. So in order to be successful at blog posting, you need the best software to save you the most time and get you the best possible traffic, to buy or download your ebook.

There are 7 total blog commenting software programs but only 2 blog platforms that are worth your time. Blog commenting is only effective if you do it right, so software that does not have the appropriate tools will just have you deleting their program for a better one. So here we go:

Best Commenting Software: (Will Save You Time and Very Effective)

Blog Comment Demon - (#1 Rated and our top pick) $67


Blog comment demon is by far the best blog commenting software bar none! It has the most features and we have found that it is also the easiest to use. Here are some of the features of this software:
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Offers the most blog platforms for posting and you can sort and search according to platforms (i.e. Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger, TypePad, etc.).
  • Automatically checks to see if your comments are approved.
  • Displays post and comment date.
  • You can add a note to each submission.
  • Sort and search blogs by pagerank.
  • Sort and search for DoFollow and NoFollow tags.
  • Sort and search for top level domain names (.gov, .edu, .net, .com, .org, etc.)
  • Track number of outgoing links (to see if they allow and approve comments and how many there are).
  • Shows estimated recent posts (to show if the blog and comments are current).
  • Auto-form filler.
  • Harvesting speed up to 40 concurrent threads.
  • You can add your own reusable footprints for your search.
  • BlogCommentDemon is now both a blog finder and a URL harvester.
  • Project Management: Allows you to run multiple projects, save, and edit all projects
  • Uses multiple web browsers (open in software window and open outside of software)
  • Bookmark organization.
  • Search in depth (deep searches a particular blog).
  • Allows Proxy Servers
  • Sort blogs in depth: DoFollow and NoFollow, Pagerank, Outgoing Links, Top Level Domains, Recent Posts, etc.
  • Allows different user agents.
  • Free Unlimited Updates for Life!

This software is very complete and offers all the features you can imaging for blog posting. One important thing to note is the Blog Comment Demon offers the most blog platforms of any software. Your chances are better by commenting in certain blogs than others and this software has the most comprehensive list. This is the single most important feature in any blog commenting software as it give you the most blog results to post in! Second the user interface and usability of this software is unparalleled. G-Lock below is more difficult to use for filtering. This software has the most features, very easy to use, an very nice layout interface, a low price, awesome customer service (thanks Edwin), and FREE Lifetime Upgrades. What more could you want?

G-Lock (Fast Blog Finder) - Our second pick $99


Fast Blog Finder is closely behind Blog Comment Demon and this is also very good software that is effective. The interface is nice as well, the customer service is good, and this software also offers free lifetime updates. Fast Blog Finder has almost as many platforms as Comment Demon and does have the most important blogs that you will use the most.

  • Search internet for keywords.
  • Determine domain and blog PR.
  • Determine DoFollow and NoFollow tags.
  • Post comments directly in the program.
  • Load your own blog lists.
  • Create folders and blog file projects.
  • Checks spelling of comments.
  • Blacklist certain blogs.
  • Add comments to social media sites.
  • Offers a support forum for help.
  • Exports blog lists.

While this software does offer the ability to submit to social media sites and also to spell check in the comment field, it's just a little more difficult to filter the results. For one you have to type in specialized searches with characters to find certain blogs and posts so reading the manual is imperative to everyday use. Also the user interface is a little more complicated than Comment Demon. Overall it's outstanding software that competes heavily with blog comment demon. Depending on the release of updates these 2 platforms go back an forth in features. As of right now we are sticking with Blog Comment Demon because it just offers more features, is much easier to use, and we love the customer service. That's the only reason why G-Lock is our second favorite software. If you are interested in commenting on social media sites then as of right now this is the commenting software to use. Otherwise I strongly suggest using Comment Demon.

All Other Blog Commenting Software: (Just Not Effective and Time Consuming):

Comment Kahuna - FREE
Comment Kahuna is free software and does have a nice interface. The problem with comment kahuna is the lack of features. This software is the best of the other 5 programs but just does not have enough features to make us want to use it (although it does have PR sort, auto form fill, and lots of platforms including Squidoo).

Comment Hut - $97
Comment Hut cost $97 and has less features than Comment Demon and Fast Blog Finder meaning it is not a good value. Why would you pay more for less features? This program does offer the big platforms (7 of them) but so do the other recommended platforms for half the price. The software is very basic to say the least. Comment hut is not bad software it's just priced higher than it should be. Personally I would think the value of this software should be half of what Comment Demon and G-lock is listed at ($24). Even then I would pay the extra money because they other 2 platforms save me a lot of time!

Blog Commentor - $99
Blog Commentor is not that bad it just has a poor user interface and lacks many features that can save you lots of time. Once again for close to $100 don't waste your time on this software. They lure you into their software by offering a free version which is trumped down from the main version. The software can and does work, it's just at what cost! Since they offer an alluring affiliate program they probably think this is enough to sell their product. They are just not competitive enough to stay up with current blog commenting trends. This product does not offer enough benefits and time saving features for it to be worthwhile.

Real Link Finder - Free
Real link finder is so basic you won't be using this program long. The platforms that are available are useless so good luck using this software. After we downloaded it and ran it for a test run we deleted it immediately. Not even worth the free download. Although I do want to state that at least it was free and we do appreciate the effort.

Blog Comment Poster - $150
Blog Comment Posters claim to fame is that their software completely automates blog posting. This is an awful idea that will just SPAM blogs and get you blacklisted and banned. Second the reason why this software does not list their features on their squeeze page is because it lacks very important features. If you are new to marketing let me explain something: You never want completely automated marketing tools. You want semi-automated just to help you find the correct sites and then submit a valuable link. If you use this software most comments you leave will get deleted on good blogs, your approved comments will not be related to the post and others viewing will know you are spamming, and last you will get very few backlinks links with fully automated commenting software. Once again you can get banned or blacklisted. The whole reason of effective blog commenting becomes useless with this software. The links that you do get will be covered up by all the other SPAM comments so traffic back to your ebook will be very little to none. I repeat it's a very bad idea to use completely automated blog commenting even with auto rotating ads and proxy servers. Why would you want to pay $150 for an ineffective marketing tool? If you are the type of person who wants to completely automate all your marketing efforts, and pay more money because you think it's a better quality program due to the cost of the program, then you are in for a very rough ride. The concept is nice in theory but does not work and you will eventually abandon this philosophy. I suppose Blog Comment Poster hopes that people like me will recommend their product because I could make $50 per sale with their affiliate program. We at eBook Freeway don't promote products that we don't believe in and use on a regular basis and we never will!

If you have read the article: Blog Commenting: Is it Worth Your Time you would have seen, that one comment can show up on dozens of blogs and social media sites giving your marketing effort a multiplication effect. Once again there is no better way to get .gov and .edu links. And last you can get one way links with maximum traffic. As previously stated: Blog commenting takes time and you want the best software. The free software options are nice in theory but not effective enough so you will not end up using them (even if you download to try). You need powerful software. At $67 and $99 for the 2 top picks and the only feasible programs that work; it's a small price to pay compared to other programs for marketing. And since it works you will recoup your cost very quickly. The question is do you want to pay for effective blog commenting software and is it worth the investment? Yes, many times over! Blog commenting works, it's very effective, and should be utilized to promote your ebook to the next level and dominate your competition.
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