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As you may already know, one of the very first things you should do to promote your ebook is to submit to ebook directories. After an exhaustive and very detailed search, we have found out there is not one up to date comprehensive lists of ebook directories until now. So here is it the most comprehensive ebook directory list on the web:

The Good:

Drewsebooks.com - Offers free submissions only. No reciprocal required. You must create an account to submit. They provides a static link back to your site from an additional informational page.
eBook Freeway - Of course we are going to mention ourselves! We accept free and paid submissions from all types of authors. Has a static link back to your download page. We do require a reciprocal link from the same domain submitted.
e-Library.net - Accepts free and paid ebooks. Very nice directory and you can upload an image. They will link to your download page but it's in a frame. No link juice is transferred to your site. Requires a link back from your download page.
Ebook Heaven - Accepts free and paid submissions. A reciprocal link required. They provides a static link back to your site.
E Course Web - Accepts free and paid submissions. No reciprocal link required. Provides a static link back to your site.
WISDOM ebooks - Offers free and paid submissions. Reciprocal link required for free submission. They provides a static link back to your site.


Project Gutenberg - Accepts free ebooks only. Huge open source project. Distributes files via plain text but also XML, HTML, and are welcome; No PDF's or EXE files are allowed.. Will not add your submission unless you have an actual US copyright. Lots or rules and details need to be taken before a submission is granted. If you can get in project Gutenberg we suspect you will see a great deal of promotion. That is a big IF.
eBooklet Directory - Offers free submission for free ebooks with less than 75 pages. You must pay $14.99 one time fee for a paid ebook submissions.
EBooks Library - Accepts free and paid ebooks. Site requires you to upload a PAD file which is a pain in the butt if you don't have one. Link back to your site is dynamic not static. No reciprocal required.
The eBook Directory - Only accepts free ebooks. No squeeze pages allowed, or capturing of emails. Must link to a direct download. If you get listed they link to your site via a dynamic link which is not good. They don't let you collect any e-mail addresses for your free book yet, their submit form tries to get you to sign up for their newsletter. Hypocrites.
EBook Jungle - Accepts free and paid ebooks. Great directory but we have one problem with them. They require a graphic link from your homepage only. They claim that they are a PR5 so it's fair, but most of their categories where your book will be listed will have a PR0. One category we found did have a PR4. Having to put their graphic link on your homepage just seemed like to much to ask for us. If you remove their link they will remove your book so don't try it.
Free-eBooks.net - We must say very nice directory with lots of traffic. They only accept free ebooks in PDF format and the file size must be smaller than 10mb. They host your ebook on their site so there is not link to your site.
E-Book Directory.com - Paid submissions only: The cost is a fee of: $10 every 6 months or $20 per year. We have a book listed in this directory but we don't pay ongoing fees. Nice directory with a static link back to your site and no site required back. Just an ongoing submission fee. I must say that we very seldom ever get traffic for our listing and it's in the very top position in the respective category. Perhaps if they offered a one time fee we would list all of our ebooks, but an ongoing fee for little to no traffic is just not worth it to us. But they do send PR and link juice for your submission. Nice organized directory overall.
Mind Like Water - Paid submissions only. The cost is a one time fee of: $29.97 but at least they provide a static link back to your site.
ebook88 - Only accepts free ebooks that are educational and of reasonable good quality. They do provide a static link back to your site. The directory is organized by letter meaning your ebook may be hard to find. The directory is very basic to say the least.
eBooks4free.net - Accepts submissions for free ebooks only. Your ebook is hosted on their site. There are very few categories and the listings are crammed together and in multiple languages.
eBook Broadcast - This website is more of an ebook press release. Their submission form is closed until further notice but you can pay a $9.95 fee to get listed now. The press release which shows on the homepage is a dynamic generated link. The website is plain and there is not much information on the site. We doubt very many people will actually use the site to find your book.
Free eBook Directory - Free ebooks only. Site design is simple and navigation is easy. Links out are static. A reciprocal is required for free submissions.
Wit Guides - Accepts free ebooks only. Most books are in pdf format or zipped and the books are stored on their servers.
Published - Accepts free and paid submissions. Reciprocal link required. Provides a dynamic link back to your site so no link juice is transfered. The problem we have with published is that your link will get buried very deep in their directory. Good luck if anyone ever sees your ebook!

Not Worth Your Time:

Jogena - Accept free and paid ebooks. Limited Categories. Good luck getting your ebook listed here! We have tried to get ours and over and over no response or listing. Requires a reciprocal text link.
eBook Palace - They are not accepting submissions at this time. We have checked on this site several times over the past couple of years and same thing. Such a shame it's a nice directory. The link to your website is a dynamic generated link if you can get in.
Clay Tablet Publishing - This is not an ebook directory, it's nothing more than a Google Adwords trick campaign. We only listed this because we have found it on other lists and we don't want you to waste your time.
Bizzy Days - This is not an ebook directory. It's an ebook publishing site so you won't be able to get listed on this site.
See Search - This is more of a search engine with an ebook directory link. It looks like a good directory that accepts free submissions with a reciprocal link, but if you click on any of their ebooks pages or do a search nothing shows. Meaning your listing is invisible!
EBook2U - They are not currently accepting new submissions. I wish they would tell you this before you take the time to fill out their form. Website is ugly but if you can get listed, at least they provide a static link back to your site. We have one of our ebooks listed from 2003 that has a broken domain name. We contacted them numerous times asking them to change the URL or delete the listing. They never responded once!
eBook Mall - They only offer paid ebooks. To submit they have a $19.95 listing fee per book and then they keep 50% of all books they sell for you. They collect the money if your book sells and only pay you every 3 months. Ebook must be smaller than 10mb. Frankly their promotion is not worth our time! Way to many issues from this site.
Diesel eBooks - They offer free and paid ebooks in Adobe, Mobipocket, Palm, and Microsoft formats. You cannot submit your ebook to this directory as get their ebooks from the lightning source supplier.
Article 99 - Submissions are currently closed while they upgrade their servers. The links they send to your site are dynamically generated. We don't know their rules or procedures since their submit form is down. Since the website has blog, articles, and ebooks we feel it is do diversified to actually send lots of traffic to our ebooks.
Virtual-ebooks - They do not accept submission and they only sell Clickbank books and products.
eBook Crossroads - They do not accept submission and they do not offer any free ebooks.
My Digital Product - They do not accept submissions. Paid only ebooks.
eBook Gallery - Accepts free and paid ebooks. Categories are very limited, so you may not find the correct category for listing. If you do not have an affiliate program then a reciprocal link is required. We spend some time on their site and just didn't see any ebooks that were submitted. So where are they keeping all the ebooks that get submitted? Chances are nobody will see your ebook in this directory unless you have an affiliate program. Even then we think it is highly unlikely.
EBook Le@ds - Are not accepting submissions. We didn't find any categories even if they were accepting submissions.
e-Book-Zone - Are not accepting submissions. Directory has paid Clickbank books only.
Freee Book Miners - Website is nothing more than a Google Adwords trap.
Free-Ebooks Online - Submission form is not working or broken. Free ebooks only. Very limited categories.
Free-n-Cool - This is not an ebook directory but I suppose you may be able to find a spot for your ebook. As the name says it must be free. As far as an ebook directory the only thing cool about this site is the smiley face favicon! Alright we do have to admit the site is kind of cool for other freebies, just not ebooks. Don't waste your time.
Free eBook Directory - Free ebooks only. Site design is simple and navigation is easy. Links out are static. A reciprocal is required for free submissions
Mushroom-Ebooks - Are not accepting any new submissions. they carry mostly fiction ebooks but they do have some nonfiction as well. Free ebooks are uploaded to their server.
Power Business Publishing - Does not allow submissions. There is no directory and a script popped up trying to trick us into adding their site to our favorites. No Way!
Web Success Central - Only accepts free submissions. We wouldn't call this a directory because they only accept free ebooks and the link is buried amongst many other links that push their own promotions and products. If you want your ebook listed you have to submit it to them for review and then they host in on their site.

As you can see trying to find quality ebook directories is just not that easy until now. If you do a search on Google, Yahoo, or MSN you will miss many of these directories and second it will populate with results that just are not relevant. Other lists found around the web are just not up to date. This list was the reason why we decided to launch eBook Freeway. There are many ebook directories available, but very few that will benefit your ebook. If you decide to list your ebook in these directories most will require a reciprocal link. We find that getting your ebook into these directories should be one of your first steps to ebook promotion. We get constant steady traffic weekly to our sites from these directories.

If you own or know of a directory that is not listed we will be glad to enter it to the list. If you own one of these directories and your policies change, please let us know and we will be glad to update this list for you. Please contact us to get listed or updated.

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