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We think your privacy is extremely important.
eBook Freeway will never sell, rent, share, or give away personal information, that we collect through our services, including your e-mail address and private correspondence for any reason!

By nature this website does provide public information about ebooks listings, products, and/or services such as: Author, description, ebook title, picture, a link to the authors/publishers download page, etc. Public information that is made public through this directory, and/or external websites may be provided within this website and continue to be public. We are not responsible for this information becoming public, as is such the nature of the directory is supposed to make this information public for promotional purposes.

Website and Link Content:

The ebooks, links, and other detailed information that are listed on this website, appear here as a result of submissions by their authors/publishers to this or other directories.
The owners/operators of this website are not able to verify any claims made in such submissions.
The owners/operators of this website do not endorse, do not necessarily agree with, and do not express any opinion on, the content of any websites that we may link to.
Please exercise your own discretion, due diligence, and seek professional advice should the subject matter of the linked website or websites require it.
The owners/operators of this website do not necessarily agree with, and do not express any opinion, regarding any listing on or within this website. To the extent (if any) information about such matters is provided on this website, it is provided for entertainment purposes only.
We are not responsible for ratings or comments left behind by users or visitors of this directory.

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